WHO ROSE, A KO KARANFIL? See you CVET at birth and what it says about your personality!

Find out what you flower at birth and what it should mean.

Your flower is associated with the month in which you were born. Except that brings color, scents and joy, flowers represent our personality in a kind of floral zodiac.

In addition you can give to friends bouquets of flowers that represent them, and you can fill your home with flowers that will mean a lot more than usual.

Find your flower.

January – KARANFIL

Carnation exists in many colors, and each has its own meaning. However, the strongest wears pink carnation symbolizing mother’s undying love. You, as the carnation, varied and fascinating and easy to love you.

February – IRIS or LJUBIČICA

Three upright petals of the iris are three qualities – loyalty, courage and wisdom. Your heroism is so strong that this flower became a national symbol of France. If you dream of violet, waiting for you to progress in life. You are positive, and adorn you and thoughtfulness, loyalty and honesty.

March – Daffodil

Born under this sign tend to new beginnings and usually follows them good luck. Therefore, the gift of yellow daffodils in translation means that someone you want all the best. However, pay attention and do not give away daffodils blooming only once, because it foretells bad future.

April – peas and BELA RADA

Pea flower symbolizes the departure and separation, but this hybrid flower found in the 17th century full of, like you, delicacy and bliss. The white paper is a symbol of friendship and shared secrets that should never be uttered. Therefore, you are pure, innocent and loyal.


“Đurđevdaaaaan yeah, and I niiiisaaaam …” It was a miracle that this represents a May flower children, right? Latin name ‘majalis’ means that the flower belongs to May. Voom born in the sign of the net, and compelling human sweet.

Jun – ROSE

Like carnations, roses, each color carries a different message. Yellow is a symbol of friendship, and pink love at first sight. However, those who were born in June reflect the characteristics of dark red roses – you are a passionate and loving.

Jul – DELFINIJUM (brake blocks)

You are fiery, open heart, light and unsteady. Your birth flower is the brake blocks or delfinijum which was named after a form reminiscent of the dolphins.

August – Gladiola

UNECE passion in life if you give someone gladioli or if you enter them into your home. Natives of this flower are often amazed, but powerful and strong moral integrity.

September – LEPA KATA

The ancient Greeks believed that the fragrant smoke that occurs when you burn the leaves Beautiful Kate chase away evil spirits. Such you are positive, optimistic and patient. Love is your priority in everything.

October – NEVEN

Despite colors reminiscent of the warmth of the sun, this flower represents melancholy. You are prone to a strong and long love, and suffering. Grief is something we often feel.


Chrysanthemums are beautiful and strong. In any arrangement to meet, they will be the center of attention as eye-catching as well as you. You joyful, optimistic and friendship you the most cost effective in life.

December – Christmas star or ZELENIKA

Christmas star is the Aztec represented purity, innocence, and today is a symbol of success and fame. You are happy and successful. With that you are sincere, you bring happiness to others and you are fertile – and holly, which is myrtleness and beauty related to the winter holidays.