Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: Discover What is the biggest fear of your zodiac sign

What is the greatest fear each character? Sagittarius has a fear of enclosed spaces, and many suffer from claustrophobia. Capricorns are afraid that they will not achieve financial success …


In his stubbornness to call all the shots, Rams often do not see that the others offend their behavior. It was only when friends disappear from their lives, they realize that they are something wrong. The loss of loved ones and it is hard to remember that lesson.


They love the comfort and enjoyment of simple things – food, society, soft blanket and everything that creates a warm atmosphere. To be relaxed, need to feel financially secure, so your wallet vigorously defend themselves against all costs and debts kept away from yourself. But bulls and most of all the characters forward to winning the lottery.


They have a problem with decision-making. They’re more than just prefer the safety of their private environment. There, no one can hurt you and feel all familiar.


Most fear that the people elected them to leave or to refuse. You do not like to recall no negative episodes from the past, because then it all must go through that again.


Scared of ignorance, and to feel good, there must be a sense that others perceive and see.


Scared imperfections. Any form of inadequacy and imperfection will throw out a precise clock Virgin, be it on spilled wine or a bad joke.


She fears she will be left alone. I often think that life will spend itself, and this is a heavy burden.


It has a fear of intimacy and abandonment, and afraid that they will lose their own identity in a relationship.


He is afraid of closed spaces, but many members of this sign suffer from claustrophobia.


They are workaholics who will build your business trip, but the other side of that coin hides a deep fear of failure. Very much looking forward to any financial success.


All you could put them in a certain drawer with certain rules of conduct and operation of Aquarius will go crazy.


Lulled in the ideals of their world of imagination. Although naturally talented and creative, often do not see the world as it is and are unable to cope with daily responsibilities.