WHY ARE YOU? Capricorn looks scary, Gemini NIKO seriously

If for some time you do not understand why you are still alone, perhaps to know your horoscope. See what the stars say about the most common reason for solitude for each character …

Aries – loud and scary and you have people for that very embarrassed by you.

Taurus – Will you ever love somebody like you love food? Not.

Gemini – No matter how hard you try, people will not take you seriously.

Cancer – Wherefore you are too tall wall and people hardly reach you.

Lav – Looking for someone who will love you more than you love yourself, it is quite difficult!

Virgo – Shy sometimes you can leave the wrong impression.

Libra – flirting with everyone. Just with everyone.

Scorpio – scaring people. And that pretty.

Sagittarius – You are a player and people are not to enter into a serious relationship with you.

Capricorn – Very rarely laugh and act angry.

Aquarius – seem inaccessible.

Fish – I do not know how to be kidding, it confuses people. Not sure if you’re talking about a joke or laugh at them?