WILL GO WITH YOU AND AT THE END OF THE WORLD! Three zodiac signs that are friends to the grave

All have more or less close friends, but only show how much trouble they are really reliable and faithful. However, the stars can help you find out who will be there for you, “and the good in the evil.”

We present to you three characters whose members you never will not leave you in the lurch!


You know how they say the Bulls stubborn? Well, if you look at the situation from another angle you will realize that it is still concerned that there is no resistance and reliable zodiac sign of Taurus. Bulls are generous, loyal and have a protective instinct which borders with those mothers with their children.

If you want a friend “to the grave”, someone who will never give up on you, then you are looking for Bika. His friendship for life!


Sensitive, full of understanding and compassionate. This is the best description Raka when it comes to friendship. Although commonly associate with people like themselves, their minds heat to melt the hardest heart.

Their empathy they simply do not allow someone to leave in the lurch, but it comes to friends who will first come to the rescue when you are in trouble to organize everything and help to overcome any problems.


Here’s another “stubborn” sign. Capricorns have only a narrow circle of friends, and their best friend is someone who has proven to be a responsible and reliable. However, it is precisely because so many Capricorns price of friendship, and what they’re looking for, multiply and give!

They have a lot of acquaintances, but although towards them can be benevolent, it will not be anything deeper. Mostly nurture old friendships and are willing to do anything for a friend – and into the fire and into the water.