WILL YOU WISH TO ACHIEVE: The answer lies in the kernels of corn

This method is part of the tradition of the people from the interior of Serbia. The corn kernels answer the questions.

Nine grains of corn need to throw on a flat surface, imagine the desire and blow into them. If the breath schedules grains properly, the desire will be fulfilled and the year will be peaceful and noble.

Another method is to tighten the grain right palm, so that all consider – item by item – if you want to invest money, change, or start a new business, specifying the long-term or short-term plans, all the while clearly crystallized the question to be clear. Then utter the question, throwing beads and puff out of them.

The form that we received talk on what to look for or what is the key to success. Blowing is repeated until a set of figures does not give a clear answer and solution. Here are required good concentration and imagination.

Toss beans with his left hand refers to people and relationships as kinship, friendship, and emotional. Questions may be – whether to get married, to have a child, to leave a spouse, to engage in a relationship …