William Lilly student of astrology

This part of the text is an excerpt from the book Christian Astrology where William Lilly transferred the basic guidelines in the interpretation of horary. At the beginning of the book addresses the student of astrology in these words:

,, Because every day to communicate with the heavens, send your mind and shape it according to the scene of the divine; learn all medals virtues, be familiar with them; Be humane, respectful, friend to all, easily accessible, not burden the unfortunates horror rough judgment; in such cases, introduce them with their hard fate gradually; refer them to pray to God to reverse his judgment about them.

Be humble, learned, civilized, restrained man has no desire for property; Give generously to the poor, and money judgments. Do not let any earthly riches indicate an erroneous judgment or judgments that will dishonor this art … do not be extravagant or seek to learn every Doctrine … Train all people to live properly, be a good example, avoid fashion of his time, he loves his native land . Do not take advantage of anyone, not enemies. “