With the number of GET SAFE: Horoscope reveals the right combination of gaming!

What are your chances of getting the games for good luck? Horoscope can help you to discover! See which days you have the most luck and the numbers are hiding win!

Aries gets the cube, including games of chance. So go to fill your ticket as early as Tuesday because it was his lucky day. This makes it fast, crossing out the numbers extensively, and impulsive. He takes those numbers to him now come to mind and go through your head. These are numbers that make up the date of his birth, the number of letters of a name and surname. On each ticket is crossed out number 1. This number can be both in numbers 11, 21, 31. There will never again enter the numbers from tickets, which he did not bring profit. Why would Aries changing this kind of games, if at times getting?

Taurus wants to win, but on the team, in fact, does not count. As soon fill the ticket, the amount that is paid account immediately as a loss. Ticket fills only “round figures”. Thirteen him will not bring happiness. Or so believes that he could get the number 25 almost always ubeležava and number of the house where he lives, but if the house number is low or high, then that number multiplies or divides. A lot of numbers to him every week the same, which proves its stability.

The game of chance is an exciting game and participate in it and Gemini. The main strength of the figures from the accounts that receive when purchasing at the supermarket and in other stores. Parts of them, are multiplied and added together. The twins, however, remain faithful to a single digit – the number 2. This figure is, in various combinations, located at each of their ticket. Football fans of this sign are entered in the ticket-digit goals to match. Precisely because of the number 2, which is dominant in their game, they think that they are not in favor of odd-numbered years. However, it is not bad sometimes change my mind.


Cancer fills ticket lottery games, but few believe in winnings. However, that others can learn, secretly meets ticket. However, despite disbelief, has a plan how to spend potential winnings. The figures obtained from the family archive numbers date of birth wives, children, parents and, of course, your date. Sometimes these numbers and parts. For example, if you know that will travel 214 kilometers, then allocates the numbers 2 and 14. They “darkest” Crabs will buy a book about the pyramids, but there are so many numbers that by the end of life will be equipped with “supplies and materials” to play

Leo is lucky. Why then is no i in games of chance? It is really impossible to permanently lose. When crossing out the numbers on the ticket, then to “his” figures. These are figures from his date of birth, with the license plate car, which carries a number of suits, height acquaintances … His lucky numbers are 3, 33, 7, 35. But the number 13 crossed out a mistake or when it will be something nice to happen in 13 this month.

Device does not believe in a game of chance, but still meet the tickets. True, they do occasionally, but systematically. The systems themselves are drawn up, because I do not believe many others. Systematic are, believe in logic, record the numbers that are drawn from it and draw conclusions and lessons. They believe that especially in the assumption that the numbers are rarely drawn once, however, come to order. Number 4 must be among these figures. Device in no hurry, but my ticket and meet more weeks in advance if you go on a longer trip or vacation. They have good nature and will not be angry if you do not get. It is suggested to them that their number multiplied by four other numbers in the system.

Born in Libra prefer to live the high life. But they are aware that this can not always. They are not spendthrifts and do not borrow. Therefore, I guess, and try to get some game of chance. The figures are elected by their appearance: nice and beautiful, but also those that operate harmoniously when they enroll. They think, for example, the numbers 22, 44, 11 – the beautiful, which is why they often appear on their ticket. Scales have their own ‘secret’ type, for example, the number of leaves of a plant they have at hand. Happiness can bring them and the amount that is paid for a tribute to a loved one.

Who has and who has the right to obtain the lottery? Scorpio wants to know and to think that she should be among those who receive. Insatiable is not content with one or periodical gains. In fact, she wants to bring each ticket at least something. Dial the numbers that almost no one entered in the ticket. He wants to be alone and raznišlja lot of big wins. It will, for example, enter the ticket numbers 4 and 5, because, apparently, others rarely do. Or, say, 19 and 21. No. 7 for Scorpio must always be on the ticket, but she makes it easy to dial other numbers. This classification in order, which applies Scorpio, has its variants. Not only enter the numbers on the ticket are next to each other, but those numbers that are above or below each other. Do not hesitate to entries figures, according to belief, bring bad luck, such as 13 or 7. Even if out of spite to enroll all – from 7 to 13.

This character often gets in the games of chance, and when it loses, do not be angry. Aquarius believes that each digit entered by the ticket lottery games must have some meaning. These are almost always numbers that mark the history: victory in a war, the birth of a great man – important historical dates. The biggest sense of Sagittarius has the digit 9 and he was happy to benefit. The meaning of numbers that have marked the events of his life: the years of first love, first kiss, date, completion stoles, healing after an illness. It is believed that these living figures related to him and will bring him luck.

People under this sign are usually quite rational. Unfortunately, Leo “knows” to him some years ago was not in favor of gambling, because the attitude of the participants and winners in this year is not on his side. However, he will fill the ticket, or will do so sparingly, carefully studying the systems, especially mysticism digits. Voters and the numbers they found various experts measuring the height, depth, width and the like. For example, the height of a mountain, you will be able to parse the numbers of which it is composed, so that it multiplies, divides, adds … He will do a combination of both of its height, but it will not be a large number because Capricorns are usually of medium height .

When will you get if you do not !!! This is your deep conviction. Therefore, the ticket should fill – eccentric. Even blindfolded, precrtaće numbers that come under her arm. Such Aquarius. But figures for enrollment will find the speed. For example, he will take them from the date of enrollment or after the time that the clock showed that time. Rights Aquarius never twice to enter the same number, because that would be boring and non-inventively. He prefers to count the stairs in the house which is or to ask his wife or her husband, who now number comes to mind. It will easily and quickly fill a ticket, but still and wait for the winnings.

I Fish longingly waiting for their gain. They hope, but they do not know certain what they would do with all that money. They will fill your tickets superstitious. What will digits while attending? Of course, those who believe, they always, sometimes, bring happiness. For example, the date when they get a pay raise, or narrowly avoid a collision the car. They čestosanjaju digits and record them as soon as they wake up.