With them you never know where you stand: These zodiac signs do not show their feelings

They will act uninterested and cold even when the inside of the mountain. Their nature is such that it rarely or almost never reveal their feelings or at least not in their full force. If one of them looking for the explosion, the načekaćete but do not worry this is not about you, it is his nature.

Aquarius wants to be injured.

They just do not like to show emotion because they think it will therefore operate vulnerable. I prefer to keep a distance than to open up to someone and allow the world to see that they are not so powerful as far prefer to think they are.

Scorpio is afraid issue.

Scorpio opening and showing feelings associated with the possibility that they are being issued, which is why they can not pay to be open to others. Avoiding showing emotion have the impression that they are protected from external influences.

Virgo is a perfectionist feelings do not go with it.

Their feelings and vulnerability behind perfectionism, even pretend to have all the time to answer all, the less chance that someone will see just how vulnerable and are often deadly serious.

Gemini love to feel safe.

I do not tolerate that someone considered vulnerable, so always adjust to the people in whose society. If each show a different side of his personality, no one will get to know completely, and twins because they feel a lot safer.

Taurus likes to be untouchable and will then stubbornly hold.

Bulls hide their vulnerability and feelings behind stubbornness, and therefore often give the impression that they are very powerful and untouchable. It is true that they do so only because they protect do not know how to cope with feelings of vulnerability.