Woe to you with her! Women born under this sign are seductive and perfect, but can not do without flirting

It is hard to win and even harder to keep it! The woman in this sign can not be without flirting.

Its wild nature, expressed charisma and sex appeal make it the queen of flirting. She’ll first notice the crowd, and will have no problem to engage in casual flirtation.

It is a Gemini woman.

Twins because of their wild nature called the most exciting sign of the zodiac. This is especially true for women who are free-spirited, they love the company and good fun. Therefore, you will always find the epicenter of events, and you’ll notice it in its safe position, and loud speech.

No problems will engage in casual flirtation in which to examine your seductive skills. However, she is aware of its quality, secure in yourself, you will need a direct and different approach. Do not try to flatter her, because you will thus immediately deductible.

Due to their seductive skills and openness to flirtation, members of this sign often do not inspire too much security in a partner, but it makes them a real catch, which reinforces the interest of men.

Be aware that it is difficult to win, but when you meet its criteria, will surrender to you in full. Refuse is montonija, especially in sex and any kind of pressure and orders.

Although many think that he wants next to him strong and dominant figure of a man, it is true that the woman Gemini draw a shy man, who does not like so much that stands out as one. For optional connection elected Leo, Virgo and Scorpio, and when looking for a serious relationship, you should seek Libra or Aquarius.