WOMAN ON WHAT REALLY WANTS: Some want companion for life, or one character wants only sex SCHEME

Before you engage in connection with it, first find out what women respond to his zodiac sign.


It is essential that his partner thinks he is the most beautiful, the best and the brightest. If you try to be in some way contradict or broken ego, will be eliminated. Aries has its own schedule, your life, and if someone is fit – great, if not – then nothing. It is important that he does not have to compromise.


He wants a girl they will be entertained in a coffee shop, restaurant, because Taurus loves to enjoy, but also that no one disturbs his peace and order. So if you think it, you can let it out for a few minutes because you’ve suddenly decided to go to the movies, for example, forget it. Everything has to be planned, but according to his schedule. If you are not skilled in cooking, do not approach him.


Gemini, the largest scatterbrain, always likes to be fun. Expect to feel like a teenager next to them. This is a good side, but a member of the characters behave and when it comes to serious matters. If you do not want to be pen pals ad nauseam that you phone bill is higher than usual, bypass this eternal boy. You can not force you to do what you want, is not subject to manipulation, because how can one manipulate the manipulators? Empty talk about anything can lead all day.


His mood is changing rapidly, and with obziorm that is often tense, can easily plane. Count on it. He must be pampered constantly. As of food to places where there is access. It is unlikely that you are going to deal with the fact that both of you are happy, because everything Raku mind. You’ll have to talk to his mom, to get some advice. And yes, his family comes first, but we should not fight with it. If you are not willing to customize his world, then continue.


The loudest and most visible member of the Zodiac, Leo must captivates attention. If you do not pay enough attention to him, if he does not give the right to neglect or even a day, it can not be good. He can not stand all that was not his way, even when wrong. If you do not want to listen to monologues to glorify him or do not want to praise ourselves on a daily basis, it is best to cancel the Lava.


Meticulous, beautifully dressed, pressed and tidy Virgo man is almost always like this. Everything and everyone could fault, but also themselves. Cynicism kept in small bottles, you can convince him that you might be wrong, because he always finds a way somehow to the one solution for all. Can plan my whole life with you, and yet nothing is done. This man has to understand that not everything is perfect and that personal relationships and emotions do not plan because they did not work.


Discomfort and hesitation are the disadvantages of these two men. They will always try to compromise. It will not be the first time to know that you are in love or just a well-bred. They do not like to be alone, always in the company, within the family, and if you have time. It is good that a man! These know how to apologize, but what they do not like the bickering and frenzied debate.


This man is hard to bind, and it tends to positovećivanju love and sex. It is important to have regular doses of satisfaction, everything else can wait. He’s jealous and possessive, but such as it is unsafe. If you think you have enough energy and imagination, and the patience of this man before you is a challenge. If you are not ready for total commitment, it is better not to enter into any kind of relationship with him, because he chipped the keeper. There is no compromise. No regrets.


Fickle and changeable, this cheerful member of the zodiac can not long retain it next to you if you are constantly imposing their views and if you control the weather. He loves his freedom more than anything. I do not want to change anything with him, but to follow his pace partner. Sometimes you do not know what he wants, but he knows what it does not. His philosophy of life does not change for anyone, but do not bother talking to him what to do. You only see the door.


He can talk for hours, but to wait for days. No, do not go to him in favor because time is passing, and he has not even approached you. Yes, just for you. Initiative does not, however, and difficult to decide to get a girl. If you are already in a relationship, everything has to be in accordance with regulations that the girl was chosen as the one that will present his own. The dispute is whether the Ough. It must withstand all tests. If you do not have patience, do not engage in a relationship with him.


The elusive. Persuade him to marry is almost impossible, so do not hope for much. He prefers to live in society, to go out, but for the community, which includes an obligation. Marriage seriously, precisely, does not understand how it exists at all, because it’s just paper. Its secret is that it will only accept a woman who had primarily be a friend, and then everything else. While this is not found, his loyalty will not be too familiar.


It is difficult to open others. It must first be sure that you are talking about a person who can fit into his life, and then moving into action. It is important that the partner does not limit, because such a relationship will not invest their energy. He enjoys music and movies, so if you are not keen on art or to adjust, then it is best not to try to read his thoughts. Do not fall in love easily, so you need a lot of patience to achieve a good relationship with him.