Women who are members of the Zodiac fire signs are known for their temperament unlike earth that still rationalize all!

The woman Aries: Born leader

Members of this sign adorned with beautiful skin, deep-set eyes and prominent cheekbones as well. Their motto is “move on” and are known for their enthusiasm and desire for action.

Often the “forefront of the herd,” are committed to the rights of others and are charismatic. The relationships are passionate, but for others or love or hate.

The drawback is that not tactical but rather out of the way when you catch them “yellow minute”. Can surprise jealousy and possessiveness, but the honest and good-hearted.

The woman Taurus: Stubborn and strong

A round face with a warm expression, big round eyes and good figure are the most common description of women born under this sign.

Their motto is “still waters run deep”, and under a pleasant and decent armor hides a strong temperament.

They are known for their perseverance, and in life crises have shown incredible endurance and strength.

The drawback is that the great desire for security and that all should be well alone can miss a lot of spontaneous pleasures and can sometimes be a real “cans”.

Twin wife: Everyone loves

They are usually more than the average, have a narrow or oval face, thin nose and high cheekbones set. You have not seen for a long time? It is very likely that he completely changed his appearance, as they frequently do.

They are intelligent and love to argue about everything. They are very curious, and social entertainment.

The drawback is that starting a lot of things at once, but rarely what end. They can be very superficial. Do not tolerate boredom and then he will do everything, including extreme action to “come alive”. In business are wise.

Wife Cancer: Intuitive and caring

Round face, full lips, prominent eye color and clothing figures are the trademarks of a member of this sign. The wise, sensitive and passionate.

They are very impulsive and intuitive, but to those to whom they care very caring, warm and gentle.

Are excellent cooks and good command of finance. Mana they are too sensitive, especially to criticism and are often pessimistic.

They need to talk to are often loved to be able to successfully cope with all the challenges of life.

The wife of Leo: Charming

Hair is a trademark of a member of this sign, often decorated with attractive breasts, oval face and large eyes. They also emphasize loud laughter. To be able to live they need attention, respect and admiration.

Sometimes I can be arrogant, proud and dramatic, but all this will be forgotten with their innate charm and warmth that radiate.

Do not try to impress others, not run for the money, but prefer to be surrounded by beautiful things. They are intelligent and creative, a disadvantage to them is vanity. A reviewer can not tolerate.

The woman Virgo: Astute

The slender and impressive, gentle looks Device characterized by an oval face shape, nicely shaped mouth and a long neck. Women born under this sign are very charming and endowed with the gift of speech.

Excellent evaluate people and know exactly how to approach whom, and all that lean close to you will try to “correct” behavior. By their nature, critics have held a routine and a plan for each day.

Despite this, they are able to forgive. Mana they are sometimes too self-serving and selfish.

The woman Libra: Natural magnet

Beautiful smile, elegant hands, a long neck, a good figure and elegant movements adorn the members of this sign. They have expressed a gift for communication, rational and are naturally attracted to everything around you.

It is very important to them that they are loved, and preferably to partner prefers them to feel safe and superior. They can be big flirt, as a friend and family member are very dedicated. Mana them as spoiled, whimsical and can be very egocentric.

Scorpio wife: Fearless

Strong bones, high forehead and pronounced jaw, but also magnetizable view real description of these seductive member of the Zodiac.

While they are very loyal and reliable, fear of closeness and intimacy so difficult to open up to others. He exudes a strong self-confidence, and the challenges of life are fearless and optimistic.

The disadvantages are that they like to control others, and even show jealousy, but they do so as a way of expressing love. Are secretive, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what do they think.

The woman Taurus: Full of energy

Small and oval face, strong bones, but also something unusual in their appearance adorned women born under the sign of Sagittarius. Although not a classic beauty, just an occasional flaw makes them special.

A large appetite for life and limitless reserves of energy are the main advantages of their character. They are independent and intelligent, they love freedom, and feelings often prevail in decision-making rather than reason.

The curious from all over the prices the truth, and the greatest tendency to blemish their cleverness and calculated behavior.

Capricorn wife: Checked

Beautiful skin and elegant neck, and slender limbs are typical members of this sign. Their expression is usually serious. Extremely dedicated, stubborn and ambitious, these women are fearless in the pursuit of their goals.

For family and all those people who are able to justify the confidence to do everything. Their intelligence and practicality come to the fore at work.

Mana they are able as well to hide their own feelings to confuse themselves and insist that the problem was never in them.

Aquarius wife: friend

Women born under this sign can often be described as pretty, with vivid eyes and a special fashion style. They are great friends, lovers and humanitarians society.

They are intelligent, feminine and gentle, but not in the typical way. They do not like to behave as is expected of them, but always harder originality. In love relationships are tough but loyal.

The drawback is that the world tailored to their expectations, but often disappoint the people around him.

The woman Aries: Love Generator

Large and round eyes, sensual lips, small teeth and feet describe members of this sign. Their fantastic spirit, great creativity and a desire to make the world around them a better place, their driving force.

They have a protective attitude toward those who love and are able to fully surrender to love scenarios. Are excellent organizers and are very emphatic.

The drawback is that in relationships with others set as one that would accept everything, but actually suffer nervously. Their greatest fear is that they will be people down.