WORK STATIONS CONSUMPTION: Horoscope reveals what is your dream job

Each zodiac sign has a special aptitude that can best express themselves through certain professions.

The work that is done with love, perform three times more efficient.


This energetic sign of competence in every work that requires creativity, courage, risk and action. He likes to work alone, does not tolerate restrictions and authority. Occupations that suit him as an athlete, soldier, officer, manager, researcher, an electrical engineer, a lawyer, a teacher.


Practical is a slow and cautious, but not at work does not like risk. A career built slowly and with great effort. Jobs that promise quick profits mainly by indifferent and rather opts for the old, safe and proven methods already in business. They have a talent for art and business. You should be alert and open to modern trends. Occupations that suit him as a banker, architect, actor, musician, accountant, farmer, fashion designer.


Their career is very variable as themselves. Much begin a little complete, hence the many ups and downs. This intellectual character is perfect for jobs that could use your mental and physical agility, insight, eloquence and ingenuity. The happiest when they can work more than one job at a time, because monotony kills. Occupations suitable for twins are a journalist, a secretary, a photographer, lawyer, merchant, postman, editor, cartoonist, a driver, a politician.


Although the majority of the representatives of this sign sensitive and susceptible to influence when it comes to money or business are capable and practical. They like security, so it is not difficult to perform monotonous tasks, if they bring material benefits. Although their home and family first, a career elsewhere, when you have some talent, easy to reach the top. Occupations that they correspond to the economist, nurse, sailor, writer, educator, dealer, special education teacher, a private entrepreneur.


It has great ambition and unwavering will. It is an excellent organizer. Dislikes background jobs, hate monotonous work, and leave the details to others because it is tiring to. Frequently build a career that wants or eager. I do not like to be overlooked and a bit of a snob, but it attracted elitist professions such as actor, entertainer, teacher, manager, manager, scouting, sports commentator, an athlete, a doctor.


Not so much longs for a career how to do their job correctly and on time. At least sensitive to fame and publicity of all the characters. The basic, conscious and practical. At work do not like too much exposure. No one was such a perfectionist. Occupations that her suit as a doctor, banker, cashier, writer, watchmaker, linguist, critic, advisor,


It is famous for its tactical abilities and skills of diplomacy. Niko as she was not able to so skillfully expose their views and defend and justify their own or others’ actions. It is a great esthete and ethicist, true to form, the relationship with the environment.
Fits her team work, because by nature undecided. Suitable occupations for her as a lawyer, judge, politician, diplomat, art critic, beautician.


Early opt for interest to be addressed, because since childhood knows what she wants.
Work, as well as everything else, access to a passionate and committed. Maximum paid to work and concentrate on his duties. Attracts is all that is mysterious and unexplored. Therefore, her special interest correspond surgeon and journalists.


He is active and restless spirit, however, difficult to stay in one place. Stressed sign of Sagittarius has a large number of athletes, but also intellectuals and those who are its specific ideology influenced the development of thought among you. Jobs that suit him are an athlete, a traveling salesman, a philosophy professor, minister, ambassador, that his interest in the lie.


He’s ambitious and very correct in doing business, conscientious, industrious, persistent and always strives to improve and expand your business and your skills.
His interest in the politician, writer, composer, psychiatrist, builder, architect, archaeologist, geologist, gardener, farmer, organizer, supervisor.


He loves exciting tasks, monotony is rejected and destroys any ambition.
The most frequently engaged in writing, music, film, and has attracted the interest of pilots, tour guide, flight attendant, caterers. Photojournalist ideal interest in Aquarius because it is a blend of what she likes and what governments, recording and writing.


They are characterized by great sensitivity they bring to every part of your life, and even in business. They are very susceptible to environmental influences, a major disadvantage of their lack of determination and fighting spirit. The best feeling when you work in large groups and collectives, sometimes almost lost in the crowd that surrounds them. Related they all occupations in great health, social and artistic institutions such as, for example, a social worker, nurse, teacher, educator, prison warden, actor, singer, painter.