Written on the day of your birth horoscope-Large (ASTRO)

Great horoscope in front of you will reveal which 5 fields are the most important in the life of each of them, as well as some perhaps less known, but certainly interesting characteristics of zodiac signs.


Character: I can not boast of success in conducting business negotiations and maintaining a business relationship. Do not tolerate shifty, dishonest and deceitful people, but they will bluntly say what they think and thus terminate the relationship.

Appearance: They are kept extraordinarily upright, a step they are sturdy, fast and determined. Thanks to the spirit of sport, are lively and active into old age.

Love: Research shows that the main reasons why the Aries disconnect partner’s indifference, lack of predictability and grill. These traits perceived as a cold shower.

Marriage: The reason for the breakup of a marriage often cite constantly checking, outbursts of jealousy and digging through his pockets by their partners.

Health: Rarely visited by doctors from other characters. The greatest enemies of their high temperature and grip, and the power of will and defiance of the best allies in the fight against the disease.


Character: They occupy a high place on the list of favorite bosses. Special prices talents and abilities of their subordinates and they believe that it is important to reward hard-working, reliable and loyal workers.

Appearance: Strict diets and painstaking exercises with them achievers. Governess of their characters, Venus, endowed them lush body proportions that is not easily influenced.

Love: Studies that have been used for various entertainment recordings show that they more often than others keep their partners around the waist when meeting other people or entering the hall that constantly monitor the rate and to frown if you dance with others.

Marriage: Ready for a long, long time to wait for them, people who are courting reciprocate love. Astrological explanation for this phenomenon is bullish patience and dedication.

Style: They do not have a high opinion of people who use cheap perfumes, wear clothes made of synthetic material or live in houses whose interior decoration gives a bad taste.


Business: If you conclude that they benefit more money and brings a hobby rather than real interest, Gemini will be without insulting him completely paid. The leaders and those who are pushed high in the business who are initially considered temporary.

Abilities: Easily adopt new words and grammatical circuits, and faster than the other agreements in the language of the country in which they find themselves. The most numerous among polyglots and are considered excellent and translators.

Humor: On psychological tests humor achieve excellent results. The real masters of various jokes and witticisms. They know trivial adventures to recount so that the audience rolling with laughter, but their presence at the party guarantee a successful evening.

Love: To love them is never enough, evidenced by the fact that married and in nursing homes. No missed several marriages for them is not a reason to once again no excuses fateful ‘yes’.

Hobbies: Solving crosswords and puzzles, participate in quizzes their favorite game. 25 percent of the winners of various competitions for that sign, which is three times more than their share in the population.


Business: They hardly the best in the role of superiors. Avoid saying or held to address the public, hard to establish authority, as a lack of them attributed great intransigence.

Love: If you have something goes wrong more often than others move aside to give up drinking, wandering and excessive bodily pleasures.

Dom: Dom im often resembles a warehouse of unnecessary things. These traditionalists artistic sensibility bind to objects, but are difficult to separate from insignificant trifles.

Health: In the later years of life infallibly predict the weather. Since this is a senzibilcima which strongly react to any changes in the environment, this data is not too surprising.

Family: Family life is very important to them, a home considered a private matter. And these qualities do not go hand in hand with druželjubivošću, but with neighbors difficult and rarely achieve a closer relationship.


Character: They belong to a rare group of lucky ones who are not subject to the three did not panic before the exam, as well as in situations where they have to perform before an audience. Most entertainers born under this sign really.

Profession: There are many excellent intellectuals and scientists in Leo. It seems to be their practical intellect and ambition are not encouraged to learn.

Love: They love to show off everything they have, including the selection of partners. Loved one will proudly show the company and emphasize its charm, education, intelligence and beauty.

Entertainment: The most faithful visitors are important and unimportant social events and regularly present at all glamorous parties.

Fullness: Men more likely to suffer from sexual problems, and the reason is their pride and vanity which prevented them to seek help. Instead, the preferred partner declared guilty for their difficulties.


Intellect: In order to solve everyday problems they need more time than other signs because too much time and attention to detail analysis, and slower perceived the whole problem.

Career: At the managerial and banking positions occupy second place. And although it seems like a success, they reach it after fifty.

Love: First, find a reason against some connections to be made only after analysis of your partner’s faults and virtues left to call it love.

Habits: picky and are prone to adopt strange habits, but their actions is sometimes very difficult to understand. Suppose prefer to sit in the car in search of their favorite toothpaste than in the first store to buy another of the same quality.

Health: They have the most sensitive digestive tract. As a rule, their stomach secretes excess stomach acid, but often suffer from ulcers.


Appearance: The claim that the members of this character one of the most beautiful is confirmed by experts from the cosmetics industry. At least prone to wrinkles, which is why mature have a smooth face.

Love: They are on the top of the list of people to whom women are najnepoverljivije.Najveštiji are flatterers and seducers, whose charm is not easy to resist.

Money: No one loves not like Libra credit cards, money symbols and new trends that many prefer to follow in their footsteps. Although they are used to eating, to correct them harder to succeed.

Marriage: In marriages in which the difference in the age of ten years or more scales are more prevalent than others. They like a lot older. Or younger.

Talent: The sense of smell is developed specifically to them, making them ideal for work in the perfume industry. No difficulties will smell the scent of someone else’s body, so be careful if you hug someone else besides them.


Temperament: The tendency of uncontrolled outbursts equating them with the Rams. In this you can easily convince the public if you start to analyze them in front of others, or they ask too many personal questions.

Humor If you love black humor, look for their company. People who know them say that with them a lot of fun, and most enjoy their lucid and witty witty provocations that affect the core of the problem.

Biorhythm: Performing in its element only when night falls. Their concentration was strongest around midnight, but the easiest to learn and work when everyone else is sleeping.

Career: They were created for the stock. For this ability can thank reliable intuition and the need to win another.

Fashion: They like to provoke and go to extremes. They like to decorate the body, but happily show conspicuous tattoos, multiple piercings pierced ears or nose or navel.


Sexuality: Sexologists point out that these people are the rarest face sexual problems. Sexual activities perceived as healthy for the body and stimulating for the mind, but they are left unfettered as it is a sport.

Marriage: Their spouses find that the biggest flaw of their spouse preference disbelief, and criticize them and a lack of loyalty. The virtues in them the highest price tolerance and a willingness to forgive, and to point out that in the home often brings serenity and dynamism.

Dom: I love the chairs. Watching TV sitting on cushions on the floor, which give priority to and above the bed. Even while eating often sit on the ‘Turkish’ way.

Recreation: vases najrazgibanije people. The reason for this lies in the innate exuberance, but many of them were faithful devotees of yoga and other forms of gymnastics.

Hobbies: Most enjoy the contact with nature, and the camping or sleeping in a bag under the stars decide more easily than others.


Money belongs to those who regularly buy expensive brands. However, consumers are not passionate and buying only essential items, a criterion is the quality and durability of the product.

Behavior: To some assertions about them should be reviewed evidenced by the fact that they do not recognize the importance of marital fidelity to the extent that it is considered. Only the years become more cheerful and relaxed, and therefore more prone to infidelity and extramarital Pokoju trip.

Operation: Goat’s working day often lasts until late at night. I should not be surprised that the most commonly shave, showering and changing clothes at the office.

Hobbies: In this sign are born many prominent musicians, especially guitarists. Are more sensitive than commonly thought, and registered a record number of goats comedians!

Leisure: One of the favorite pastime them chess, a game that exercises your brain and develops combinatorics. So learn action strategies that apply in business.


Business: For jobs that require originality usually come Aquarius. Even after treadmill work in their own way.

Technology: a fascination with everything the ultramodern. Among the first were purchased computers and connect to the internet, and in cooking appliances are more often used. Prigrliće techno music even if you have grown up with rock.

Love: With them it is difficult to plan for the future. Their partners the most annoying tendency to the ex-establish friendly relationship, and that they are often uncertain about the nature of his feeling.

Relationship with others: friends they usually complain of discomfort and constant need for change. Do not keep them neither the time nor the place, so go out often looks like running from bar to bar, a married life follow frequent moving.

Travel: If you see a person armed with cameras and binoculars, you will not go wrong if proclaim Aquarius. The forest considered an ideal place to live and vacation. This tendency to pull from the past, because in the mythology was just vodonoša protector of forest elves.


Character: The population of followers of various sects, even those suspected of programming principles, fish are the most common. The reason is twofold: love to be sacrificed for the benefit of the common good, but it is also easy to seduce, especially when they encounter a skillful speaker.

Features: Although considered irregular and superficial, leading the speed of finding items on a crowded desk, as well as the ease with which they reminisce about its contents.

Hobbies: Share Riba in the group of those who regularly practice disciplines such as tarot or geomancy is high.

Habits: Pay attention to their behavior in moments of reverie or until concentrated thinking, you will notice that unconsciously rubbing or rotating pendant, ring, bracelet …

Love: the forefront of falling in love at ‘first glance’. Members of this sign often and declare that their future partners first met in a dream, and only then in reality.