You thought they were peaceful and withdrawn? Actually this zodiac sign Biggest IN BED

When is the best lover sign? I bet you thought the Scorpio and he was very wrong. Below this is actually a reserved sign key real fire, and when you take one to bed, you will not forget them.

Taurus men

If you are a woman who love romance and prices and such gestures, you need to lower your expectations a little because the man Taurus’s not from that story. You to love can not agree on a gesture, but it will be with me on the wane, and it would be better to get used to it,

Bulls are known as a great deceivers and flirting and debauchery will not stop anything but crazy stone. Once you say “I do”, no doubt about their loyalty, but no doubt not you will have to go through a lot of checks before you accept as a life partner because he looks for the same thing and offers, and it’s an absolute commitment, loyalty ii skrenost.

Do you agree it once, and he catches you, the more you will never believe fully. Although not inclined to romantic gestures, with the practical side of his beloved wife with everything she thought, and the first place it is her comfort and financial security.


Women in this sign of the zodiac are simply perfect for family life, and often marry early. Like the men in this sign, and they are honest and faithful and devoted entirely to the home, husband and children.

From a man expecting complete support at every level. Possessive and very jealous and in addition prone to manipulation pushed what he wants.

Although at first glance seems like a quiet woman dedicated to her family in bed shows all its passionate and sensual nature, and because of this fact applies to najstrastveniju lover of the zodiac, but to experience it with her will have to pass a lot of tests and trials. However, according to those who have met with them, every effort will be worthwhile.