You wonder what you will be a mother? The stars are here to discover how you will cope with the children!

The stars say that there are certain regularities in what kind of mother would a woman be in relation to whom the zodiac sign belongs. Find yourself.


Advantages: strong, self-conscious, fearless

Disadvantages: too competitive minded, angry, obsessive, vain

Mama Aries is a true warrior, but everything in life as well as access to moving into battle. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, but you never and will not be. Always find your way around, with faith in yourself, and the only shock may be that now a few will be completely up to you. Otherwise always first think of yourself, and therefore need a little adjustment because the baby’s here. However, as long as you worship your pets, you will find yourself always come first because you two are still two different people. But this attitude is not so bad, especially for the later education.


Advantages: rational, worth

Weaknesses: materialist, often changing mood vain.

Mama Taurus is designed for business and pleasure. First make sure that everything is okay and then the fun. You are traditionalists, but also adventurous, but you can also force a child to learn and Sundays, but also to give him to drive a motor with only 12 years old. Try to teach kids a nice upbringing and manners that they always stay in focus, authority, or best friend. As long as you do not embarrass the kids, there’s no problem.


Advantages: curious, youthful spirit, creative, willing to do anything

Disadvantages: inconsistent, contradictory, impatient, likes to pametuje

Perhaps it is constantly uncertain, but never bored with my mom to twins. Ukućanoi always wonder what’s on your mind and everything is possible with you. So you can decide, for example, going to ship a perfect opportunity to raise the baby right there in the first months. Your brain is still working, are you in fact most eccentric mother of all the Zodiac.


Strengths: compassionate, committed

Weaknesses: Overprotective, changeable moods, jealous, fearful.

You’re a real mom! It’s in your blood from an early age even when you are taking care of their dolls as if they were babies. For you were home births and breastfeeding as long as possible to the real thing. Family you all in the world and usually build a very deep connection with children for life. A maternity because you like it and you open up to the world because you are shy by nature. However, sometimes you know how to be a snob, but once you let someone in your life, this is forever, especially when you get as a mother.


Advantages: born leaders, creative, confident

Disadvantages: The daffodils, too energetic, drama queen.

Mame Lavice have always noticed wherever you are, and motherhood to surrender completely. Try to be always there for your child, to make him create a proper man for example, who will do great things. Sometimes though you have high expectations of their children, so they can overload. But when they grow up and become successful doctors, lawyers and artists, you will be grateful. Nothing you can not get in the way when something solved, especially kids like to spoil the wonderful gifts because they are your pride and joy.


Advantages: organized, sane thinking, intelligent

Weaknesses: likes to condemn many worries, too many analyzes

Mame Device as a juxtaposition. Some moms parenting swim like fish in the water, and some still have to adapt and cope. Despite your overload, because I always think too much and everything would be in perfect order, and once you know how to relax. That can help a friend in Sagittarius. Some moms with the arrival of the child are felt immediately Rotten, and some kids shake and refresh. Be careful not to go too far, because as much as I fantasize and want everything to be perfect, real moms are still only a woman of flesh and blood on the planet.


Benefits. patient, honest

Disadvantages: inconsistent, vain, snob.

If you get as a mother, you will find the balance in life for which so many are looking for. Then everything makes sense and you get a real focus. In the depths of the soul you are happiest when you have someone to live for, and that’s what the kids. Enjoy all the charms that motherhood brings with it, to play with children and use every moment of their growing up. Do you have the patience to explain to them why the sky is blue and where exactly went goldfish in the aquarium after he died. Sometimes the puck has to be careful to avoid, for example, children modirali just to show them to others. Yet they are not exhibits, a healthy distance between parents and children are not hurt.


Advantages: strong, inuitivna

Disadvantages: too much control, paranoid, emotionally unstable

When the mother of Scorpio mood, everything is great when they all run away from them, even the children. You’re very protective of them and quickly adapt to a new role as a mother. Although you can be evil for the rest of the world, the kid simply dissolve. You will give my best to your child have a secure future, so that you know how to take the money for their studies before they are born. Life with Mom Scorpio can be exhausting game of chess, but the Queen is still the most powerful piece. A motherhood in your invaluable help to your intuition you can always rely.


Advantages: adventurous, wise, witty

Weaknesses: aloof, rigid, disorganized

You live for the moment and motherhood is a real adventure for you. While holding up their freedom, this may be a shock to you. You can be someone the authority? Seems impossible. Therefore, priority should be given the needs of others and adapt to the new situation. Be careful because you are hasty, and in motherhood should not be so. Therefore, your spontaneity great, but you’re also able to just cram kids in the car and go anywhere without a plan. Did that freedom is your middle name, but it is important to include children in almost everything you do, because they still only want to be with my mom.


Advantages: organized, the price of traditional values, consistent, patient, thoughtful.

Weaknesses: nervous, too worried, pessimistic, suspicious

Sometimes it seems that you are more than Mom, Dad or even both parents at once. Not that you do not have a feminine side, or order and discipline are full of blood. Keep to the fact that children need to learn everything that they need to know. Want familiarity with them, but not to be their best friend. Do not show emotion through tenderness, but through action. You are the force that pulls everything and keeps everything on their shoulders to take care of little children. However, sometimes a little slow.


Advantages: sociable, cheerful spirit, creative

Disadvantages: limited, alienated.

For you do not apply any rules. Best you in your creative chaos and you never get bored. On view life as a great adventure and you want your children to experience the magic of this trip. “Expect the unexpected” is what describes the buoys. Do not tie up too much, but the relationship with the child extremely surprising for you. Often it is with you all hot and cold, but discover with motherhood new, surprisingly beautiful world that you are finally taking root. Be sure to still keep their “yes” and after childbirth. You work all your work before you become a mother.


Advantages: a committed, caring, creative

Weaknesses: manipulative, non-permanent, spiritual, emotional and wise.

Do not you look at yourself as a goddess. But because you are always there for the kids and is always ready for an adventure – an unplanned trip, tours … Yet you know how to be precarious, sometimes exposing children when they grow up but inappropriate actions. Since you hate that someone dictates when and what to do, you may have trouble falling asleep and feeding babies. It is best then to have someone help. Your children will always know that you are their biggest support and to give everything for their happiness. It will be certainly pampered, and you sinless. You are there to spoil them. Some mothers Fish idealize their children and while enjoying their freedom will almost my whole life too close to the kids. You are a mother, best friend, adviser, and all you do with incredible ease.