ZODIAC SIGNS IN BED: Find out who will provide you with unforgettable entertainment, and who better to avoid

Stars reveal common features of men and women of the same zodiac sign.


She: Women Rams have a very direct approach to sex and openly enjoy your body. She can not imagine a loving relationship in which sex is bad and so will quickly end it. Seeking a man who will be strong and be able “to cope” with her, but that is also capable of great tenderness. The woman Aries is fiery and often themselves initiate sex, but it is also necessary and gently cuddling after sex. Her favorites are poses in which it dominates. Are capable of voodoo faithful, but as vindictive and, if they find out that you have been faithless, usually will not be able to forgive.

On: A member of this sign is very passionate and looking for a woman who will be able to satisfy him. All he is interested in and is not ashamed to ask him, and overwhelmed by fast and spontaneous performance. In his youth he was often unfaithful, or how old, becomes more faithful. Long foreplay often regarded as tedious, but very quickly “to the point”. Nevertheless, according to astrologers, Rams are one of the best lovers.


She: Seemingly very passive, women born in Taurus have a very strong sex drive, as well as the need for romance. While the relationship is platonic, it is necessary that the words to make sure you care about her and do not intend to make only. They are very loyal and win femininity.

On: The bulls are tolerant and kind, a woman approached only after having done all that is planned for the day. Veran is forgiving flirting and do not like to argue. Not interested in the past by women, but only its current behavior. They are often timid in sex and prefer when the partner is the one that dominates.


She: Women born under this sign, pay more attention to that spiritual than physical. It’s hard to fall in love, and sex is completely relaxed only in mature age. As lovers are gentle and do not like dramatic arguments or false morality. Nevera im not a party, and in bed they quickly get bored of routine and prefer creative partners who will help in “bringing down” the borders.

On: The twin soul is restless and very excitable. He does not like to be tied to the house and women by suffocating possessiveness. Also, is not jealous, and it allows the same freedom that it gives him. In principle, the faithful, unless related not satisfied. Not known for his abilities as lovers, and sex often “done” in a hurry.


She: Women Crabs are very emotional and often show. Although I love the act of sex, it is best to relax in the arms of a permanent partner, whose love safe. If unhappy or disappointed in love, she is able to abstain from sex for a long time. She is one of few zodiac signs is able to forgive the deception, although this will cause him to suffer more than others.

On: Crabs are very discerning, and the family is very important to them in life. Although as a young man was prone to infidelity, as soon as you fall in love with his power automatically turns towards the creation of a common home. Sex is always ready, and since the romantic, easy going to meet each partner.


She: Women born under this sign are known as a great seductress, and love without prejudices, compromise or complex. Until we find a man with whom he wants to grow old with “other candidates”, the “game”. He wants full love and very often wants to partner accompanies her “leadership”. He likes striking types, as well as being dominated in bed.

On: For them believe that they are “magnetically” attractive, and live according to strict principles that you yourself have imposed. A member of this sign has a strong libido, or choose partners carefully and “merit”. He loves unusual poses and to experiment with sex. As a lover is faithful, and will prefer to part with my partner, but that is deceiving.


She: Device often acting great virtue, but it really is one of the najpromiskuitetnijih. Members of this sign is the most important thing to see in a partner as it tries to please her, but do not hesitate to experiment with sex. If regarding sex refuses citing various excuses, it means that it has lost interest in the man. The most common is getting married at a later age, as “a challenge” and that the man for whom believed that a good life partner.

On: Device Men are skeptics, too cold and analyzed. The sex is more important to him tenderness and attention than the act itself, but its advantage is that endlessly wants to please their partner, and is a tireless lover. As a husband he is faithful and true family guy, and the charity has calculated.


She: Women born under the sign of Libra are very flirtatious, often self-centered and a little imagination. They are very emotional and love compliments and courtship. They have a strong libido and often want to make love, and are ready and in various sexual games such as cladding and striptease. Although often flirting, partner in the physical sense religious.

On: The members of this sign often described as beautiful and handsome men, but as lovers are average. At the beginning of a relationship is more effort, but later left to laziness and because their partner has to initiate sex more often. Neveran only if it is deeply disappointed, and when he was satisfied with his love is permanent and stable.


She: A woman born under this sign want a strong lover who will not impress her skill, appearance or intelligence. It is open to various proposals and sex is her key in a love relationship. It is very attractive and is prone to flirting. Cheat her partner if the opportunity not to be missed, but later on very convincingly that he was lying. It’s very jealous.

On: This type of man wants from a partner “all or nothing”. If truly interested, in relation to a given, to the extent that stifles freedom of partners. It is an excellent and passionate lover, a bit of a fan of the fetish, and it is important for him to partner him very excited. As women who are members of this sign, is very jealous.


She: Women born under this sign are quite imaginative and the most important issue is that the relationship is not a routine and habit. The sex like to explore, although there will always be some poses or actions they have been unthinkable. They have open access to sex and partner’s satisfaction with them is just as important as theirs. As a partner, pripadice this sign are very warm, ready to compromise and conversation, although they may be possessive if they feel threatened. Sagittarius A woman is faithful, primarily because it is not a good liar, and thus keeps the connection.

On: Love is the great ideal of Sagittarius and the operation it is always difficult. Against women is a gentleman, and sex is curious like a child. Unfortunately, it tends to deceive, or even if it is cheating, will not neglect a constant partner and so will she rarely have noticed that there has been a fraud.


She: Women Jarčeve pay most attention to the tenderness and touches. While operating in cold, are very attractive to men. Because they know what they want in love and try to achieve it. Members of this sign loves sex and has a strong libido, so it needed a partner that has a similar need for an open attitude towards sex. Her feelings are deep, unforgiving and fraud rather disconnects, although still loved partner. Neverne only if you have already decided to end the connection, though it did not “say that out loud.”

On: Capricorns are seemingly devoid of romance and passion, are so realistic approach to sex. Sex with them is pretty predictable, but still takes a long time, and he sees it as a kind of love and mutual obligations of meeting the needs. Usually relax over time, but will later decide to experiment with sex.


She likes to be different, but the sex is very free, sometimes even perverse. Lovers will change as soon as you notice that the character does not agree. The woman Aquarius loves men with style and difficult to win only with kind words. They are not particularly loyal, but can be a very good partner.

On Members of Pisces are eccentric, with strong views and large appetites in love. He is capable of sensuality sex impress your partner. Being a bit arrogant, it is hard to cope with it in a love quarrel. His priorities change frequently, so sometimes before you think of something else, not the partner. However, in the “good” phase all the failures that will compensate. She enjoys all kinds of sex games and often develops unusual fetishes.


She: Members of this sign are often naive in love, and often suffer. If you do not have a regular partner, tend to be short-lived adventures to satisfy sexual needs. The ultimate goal is to find a “Prince Charming” and with it achieve all their sexual fantasies. Due to strong libido, partner with lower energy requirements tends to be “declared” nymphomaniac.

On: Defensive and often shy, and so is the emotional level. Due to its benign nature of a woman with him easy to manipulate. Members of this sign are known as gentle and devoted lovers tend tuning partner, a sex them is an essential aspect of the relationship. They are able to cheat, but also to forgive infidelity.