Zodiac signs in the pub …. sing, play and so until the late evening or early morning hours …..

RAM – Although Aries, on in the pub enjoying a fish in water, regardless of the cause. When you drink a little more (and it was not difficult), begins to behave in a very particular directly to the representatives of the fairer sex. Although focused on the feminine, and still entertains the whole society and telling jokes.

Aries wife is a major in a bar, orders a double tours for the whole society, ‘whales’ music and song orders.

Taurus – Taurus would rather like to have its own cafe, which is not so rare, but if it does, then there is your favorite place where everyone knows him, from waiters to flower sellers. It brings together the music around your desk and do not give them a go (but rich in Cascavel), commissioned songs, tunes its nicer half or a lady who did not like.

Taurus woman also enjoys tavern atmosphere, and loves to sing, and karaoke in a restaurant on the banks of the river are perfect for her.

Gemini – the twins in a bar can be best carried out, regardless of whether you go there as a loving couple, friends or acquaintances who have just met. A man born in this sign can be very overwhelming, because he knows what others do not know, imitate, sing, dance and entertain society.

Twin wife always in the company of young, is not true partner in the eye, because it usually is not jealous and having fun as a child (or rather like a big girl).

RAK – Although he likes his home and family, cancer is the second house, most often – his favorite cafe, Because nowhere else can so relax with a chat with friends, sing, play and so until the late evening or early morning hours.

A Cancer woman likes to be caught in the wheel and to dance tango, because he likes to relax, and to prefer with friends, but when the romantic partner, looking at him as if no one else around there.

LAV – King of fun, games and all kinds of celebrations – Leo knows how to organize all your favorite cafe, where the music with respect welcomes the waiters run to open the door as soon as they see it.

Lioness, attractive and provocative, the first “capture” the situation in the pub and the assessment of the society in which she found herself, and only then comes into play. And when all eyes safely on her, when she’s on the dance floor, because he knows that time is irresistible.

VIRGO – Born to Merak and relaxation, when you said that, when the male Virgo as polished, polite and restrained? When a little drink, and the atmosphere begins to heat up, it is he who ordered the pub tours, pour any drink all and raises the level of sentiment to the point where all but a little slacken.

Then Virgo comes into play, something it wakes up, and it happens to play on the counter or table, anyway. Virgo woman will not pretend that this is her twin sister last night that there “really crazy”, but not her.

SCALE – Bohemian, a gentleman, a hedonist – male Libra can not do without enjoyment with friends in a bar (fanciest restaurant). Insisted to pay the bill, are worried about the glasses full, without the music to back away from his desk, but the rich Cascavel.

Sophisticated woman Libra chooses Fine dining for parties with friends, gossip, and floats with music where he stayed until dawn, when they decide to “go to the damage.” Behind its appearance of restraint when clear desire for entertainment, Libra woman is not looking at the clock.

SCORPIO – Stylish and noisy, magnetically attractive to the opposite sex, Scorpio enjoys a barroom atmosphere, pretending that she did not notice the person who swallows her eyes. It does not allow you to leave the party, when you want, but when you let it.

Scorpio wife choosing a restaurant, knows how “manly” drink or a total teetotaler. However, this does not prevent to enjoy flirting with a man in position or with deeper pockets, as her suitor can be anyone.

SCORER – He loves the pub, or on a voice in the central city area, where some famous people including himself, because male Sagittarius is favored by all. He can start talking about a hot topic, but knows how to control and, when you drink, do not make scandals.

Sagittarius A woman apparently successfully fit with both male and female guests in any society and in any pub, but likes to change and try new restaurants, as the adventurer at heart.

CAPRICORN – The wife of Capricorn, in contrast to widespread opinion, that just work, work and work that is uptight and restrained, minds very much to relax in true tavern ambience, with red wine and good music, but will not play with pleasure.

The man Capricorn, seemingly shy and distracted, in a bar that remains Partying until the early morning hours and does not allow others to leave early, so that by some friends just can not recognize, especially if they were his co-workers.

AQUARIUS – Whenever you come, welcome to the house, and at the bar. For Aquarius does not distinguish, with regard to your home usually seen as a shelter, a tavern just loves because it has everything that he loves and that is drinking and flirting with women of dubious morals (of how his one only interesting, especially when he sit in his lap).

The woman Aquarius knows how to greet the dawn at your favorite coffee shop with her friends, and her beloved at home playing computer games.

FISH – He is such a nice feeling in the pub, especially with the boys, because they already know and what one likes to drink, and how much can you drink and what kind of music and one of them likes to listen. Who else cares what time it is, when it is so beautiful, and in another world of his imagination.

Pisces woman likes discreet town, near the river, possibly, superior serving and gentleman beside me who jumps to her every nod, but her need to learn the fine art of seduction and bohemian atmosphere.