Zodiac signs ready for summer-Are you ready for summer? Does vamo what pleasure or just extra stress?

Learn how to prepare for the trip, how long it takes to get to the destination, and along the way discover and to which zodiac sign should never traveling.


Competitive spirit that makes Aries always be the best in everything, so the journey is an event to show everyone who is the fastest driver. He is a proud owner of a sports car that somehow “fills” the whole family, and each member is allowed half a suitcase of things. Aries is the driver who regularly overtaking across the full line, passing through a red light, and when you make a traffic violation, yelling and cursing as if they were all to blame but himself.

Ideal companion: Leo. They both love fast cars that attract attention, but it will only be a vain Leo is proud of his Aries surpassed all the other cars, which were not even aware of that race.


Libra does not like Nige to hurry, so the time saved leisurely, leading to madness companions. It is an important safety and comfort, but usually has a large car, preferably a convertible, in which can pack plenty of beach chairs, mattresses, and food. Bulls are conscientious drivers.

Ideal companion: Cancer. Two hedonist visit each restaurant to which they come, and the destination will arrive two days late with five extra pounds.


Twin is packed five minutes before leaving on a trip, so regularly forget something, usually of great importance. Do not ever entrusted with the keys, passport, tickets or anything important because they will surely forget or misplace. At the time usually ranges without an ID or driver’s license. The twins were nervous in the car drivers who do not have peace while constantly talking on mobile or moving from one lane to another. Often the bus or train station start small talk with strangers, then they realize that they would probably be more interesting where they go, so it is not uncommon even at the last minute change of plan, and they went to another destination.

Ideal companion: Aquarius. The two adventurers will enjoy the dynamic travel, and on the way to your destination will introduce a large number of people.


Crab is going to more ideal opportunity to tour through the beautiful countryside. They never go to the highway, but also in the hottest harass passengers to go through the old, to experience the magic of the country in which they are located. If you are in a hurry to sea, never travel with cancer because he rietkost to arrive at a destination with several days of delay. As the driver was very cautious and slow.

Ideal companion: Taurus. The only patient Taurus will not be a problem Rakovo insistence to stop every five kilometers. While Cancer admires nature, Taurus will admire lamb in a nearby restaurant.


When Leo embarks on a journey, preparations begin weeks earlier. Leo goes to purchase the most modern clothes, jewelry and shoes. A lot invested in appearance, this is often not on the proud owner of the most beautiful cars on the road, “armed” modern pince-nez with an iPhone in hand. Often the “real important”, and overtaking small cars.

Ideal companion: Libra. They both like to make important, and will work in the most elegant car enjoy provoking the envy of other drivers.


Most things that Virgo brings with it comes down to drugs and medical devices. There are a variety of pills and syrups in the case of a headache, throat, ear, shoulder, and there is a mandatory thermometer and pressure gauge, as though the intense heat. Carries with it a huge amount of liquid as well as a healthy and nutritious, but no tasty meal that will give her enough energy for a stressful trip. From piles of drugs leaves little room for other things, but carries substantial practical clothing that can be well combined. On the way is cautious, but her nervousness makes it unsafe driver.

Ideal companion: Capricorn. Both are incredibly careful, however, to respect the mutual need for safe arrival at your destination.


The balance is to prepare the way for days, and always brings a bunch of suitcases full of clothes. How is undecided, each day brings at least three outfits, and a bunch of shoes and cosmetics that she “might need it.” If you travel with Libra, do not expect to have a lot of room in the car, so bring a toothbrush, a couple of shirts and shorts one. Vagin car must primarily be elegant and beautiful. Sama safety and technical quality are less important. The traffic is nice and polite, but constantly looking in the rearview mirror – a woman repairing her makeup and men admire his irresistible smile.

Ideal companion: Leo. Through will induce envy of other drivers, but standing in the most luxurious resorts where they will honor the most expensive food and drinks.


Scorpio with you on the road always wears only the most basic things, and the same is expected from people with whom you share the car. Do not prepare specifically for the trip, but when he goes, everything has to be on his terms. He knows all the shortcuts and hidden paths that will arrive at your destination before other uninformed losers, but often get lost and came last. On the way he is allowed, but often drive faster than allowed and fouls. But if anyone else to make the slightest offense, immediately lost his temper.

Ideal companion: Niko. Capricorn prefers to travel alone, but all of his other only an obstacle.


Sagittarius loves to travel, and I prefer traveling in a jeep or van, so it can fit more people. If the shooters moving on the road, you know that with him no sleep. The happiest when he is surrounded by many people, but in the car initiates social games, music, singing, even if none of the passenger does not show the slightest desire for it. Without hesitation stalls Hitchhiker, which immediately found new friends.

Ideal companion: Aquarius. The two of them will be so much fun, that their trip will be more fun than the summer.


Capricorn hates any change, so he is going to put a nightmare. When on tour, preparations last week. A month earlier carried out the first review of the car, Amien and check the tires, it becomes a member of the Auto Club and supply all the equipment and tools in case of failure of the car. When the day comes D, the starting point is at least three hours in advance, to avoid the crowd. Before I put the whole process repeats, and at a gas station at least two hours, checking tire pressure, changing oil and poured water. Capricorn drive carefully and according to the rules. For every hour stops for tea and coffee, and while driving does not tolerate any story and disruption.

Ideal companion: Virgo. Virgo will approve JARČEV cautious and serious approach to the departure time, because she can not stand any deviations from the set plan, and want to be prepared for all possible problems.


Aquarius does not matter where he goes, it’s coming. Likes to meet new people so they unhesitatingly calls with him in the car. Often off track but ends up in a completely different place, which for him is a sign of independence and free spirit. The Aquarius always expect the unexpected. She has a big van in which they sing, dance and entertain. On the road is dangerous insofar as it is unpredictable, and sometimes can be most careful driver, and sometimes would be so nervous that someone’s breadth of view and can make you swear and be free.

Ideal companion: Goal. The two hippies at heart love the companionship and entertainment, a trip to the sea is an ideal opportunity to gain new experiences. These contingencies are not only not ejected from the clock, but they preferred because they make every trip a unique experience.


This zodiac enthusiast was so confused that he does not know how to pack. Carries at least three cases, which do not find anything useful, but with him pulling a bunch of things you will never use, and regularly forget to bring your wallet, documents and charger for mobile. He’s always late, making crazy all those traveling with him. His car was often in such a state that only he knows how to drive, because the transmission pulls one way, a door opens to another special way. Not rietkost not forget to pour fuel or change the oil. Once it reaches its destination, three days later than planned, his companions were already so psyched to spend the rest of the vacation itself coming from a busy road.

Ideal companion: Cancer. Patiently Raku are never in a hurry, and he will not delay Ribino slump, and both will stand by, admire nature and love to the camera to record every detail, to show friends, whether they like it or not.