ZODIAC SIGNS TO GSP: Crabs are smuggled, Lions are fighting, but Aries grabs for availability

Have you ever tried to imagine whom zodiac sign belonging to people who surround you as you drive a bus full of public transport? Here’s how to “sort out”.

You have stepped into a typical Belgrade bus. Of course, in the middle of rush hour, when it seems that absolutely every living thing (and some died, according to the “pleasant” smell) save for a ride just your line and just at the moment when you have to work, college, school or bar to drink.

So driving, with mandatory swearing loaded than the driver and fellow passengers, have you ever tried to imagine whom zodiac sign belonging to people who surround you?

This is a section of a bus, and you the next time you play, and then try to guess who’s around you that character – that will help you survive the ride.

In addition you stand gorgeous guy having at least two meters from listening to loud music that reaches out to you what “tbctbc” and on his shoulder hangs a huge sports bag, which testifies that he went in, of course, a gym.

They will not even notice, but as soon as a position becomes vacant, arrogant step and put your nice background, regardless of whether in its vicinity there are older or, perhaps, a woman with children.

As the material tends to highlight and luxury, he will contemptuously watch over the poor bus full of holes and Stroke. Launchers at his gold watch, drndaće iPhone and rappers invisible dust from precious coat. Validiraće card and everyone to know that he has money and he likes to wear.

You know the fainthearted who even in a bus full of hysterical people who are late to the minds chasing a cheerful conversation? At least if you ask what is the book you are trying to read the ambulance rattled. He radiates youthful spirit, lively and resourceful, but will probably not be the one to speed you reserve if emergency braking start to fall.

As one of the biggest cheapskate zodiac, Cancer will stand by the door and meerkats whether the control Bus plus preparing to going to a crowded bus because otherwise there is no reason to beat a ticket.

If he peered over his shoulder (which is, of course, very rude, but you’re on the bus and boring you) you will see that it stands on the back of the phone image his three children. I probably will at some point be called one of the children to ask how was the control.

It is extremely annoying that the general was forced to step into the bus, but his car broke this morning, and he urgently needs to reach the cafes in the city center.

This snobbish character likes to be the center of attention, but will probably loud puhtati and turn heads, we all understand that it’s not there. And since it is often a big believer, if you walk past a church, prekrstiće so that you stick an elbow in the kidney.

Device will enter a bus only if it is really the last chance to reach the desired destination, because they are the largest possible hypochondriacs. You will easily recognize them, standing by the window and try to breathe fresh air to avoid picking up a nasty infection.

Careful, harmonious and elegant, Gemini will radiate beauty and its coat will not be wrinkled even in such a crowd. As members of this sign usually actors, singers, painters and pianists at them you will certainly easy to see that the artists.

It’s there. In dark clothes with sunglasses. He does not want to see him, but he wants to see you. Scorpio is persistent, serious and focused. Therefore, they are usually detetktivi, lawyers and spies. Or occultists, so it’s possible that you’ll notice some strange symbols and cults.

On his shoulder is a huge backpack, because he just went somewhere on a long journey. In the hands of bears philosophical book, and his hair is lightened by the sun which stays for life. He understands everything, but it’s not crowded at all difficult to fall – it must also be said to Leo.

Selfish materialistic oriented business you will probably be rude “dawn” bag or shoulder will push many folders with documents.

You will not be able to hear their own thoughts, they will be in the middle of Capricorn bus drat to a colleague via mobile phone.

Aquarius will circulate through Sagittarius, because both in the crowd look extremely casual. No one would be surprised and to sing at some point, because this charmer is known as a great bohemian. Moreover, it is possible that just one beggar with accordion – Aquarius. He says: “If rek’oooo miracles that deseeeeee” …

Staring out the window, mysterious, romantic … if by some coincidence fails to seize the city, the fast-track to take out a pad from the bag and begin to sketch something that will very likely become a masterpiece when it is transferred to the canvas. One day, out of Belgrade crowded bus …