Zodiac signs when you drink more! Allow the alcohol to run and Leo will not stop babbling and only Taurus ….


Known for being the friendly and like to go out, under the influence of alcohol, he will go from one person to another by checking whether all having a good time. If not, you can bet that it will buy you a drink until you reach his level. Even if you are in a bad mood, Aries is definitely the person that you want to take on happy hour.


It is said that the truest sign of the zodiac and are by your side no matter what. If you need a good navigator for the night, he is a real man. Be careful with them, because once you get a lot of drunk Taurus, stubborn will first be manifested. If they do not like your plan for the night, rest assured that they will not succumb to the pressure of society, especially when it comes to alcohol. They are also possibly the worst person to argue in a drunken state, otherwise they have a very strong temperament by nature.


This symbol represents the duality, and the right know how difficult it is to drink with such a person? The twins do not tolerate the undecided people, so it is better to know exactly what you are doing that night. Be careful when you leave the Twins because they can not bear to stay in one place too long.


They are emotional and cry as soon as something does not go the way they imagined. Crabs will show a range of emotions in any given situation, which is why izlatak and alkoholisanje with them is not always ideal. At one time they spend like never in my life, and in yet another screaming at the bartender.


Allow the alcohol to run and Leo will not stop babbling. Lions do not hinder their opinions, regardless of whether they are offensive. Be careful when you are trying to set Lava in its place, their natural role is similar to the law of the lion, and it is – a leader.


You can find these perfectionists to sip wine at the end of the bar, alone, after a hard day at the office. They are not ideal partners for a drink. Dive bar? Exactly. Device are neat and do not tolerate anything less than the elite of the city. If you are looking for an extravagant night out, then look no further than Virgin.


Libra is perhaps one of the best characters to go. They are the types who like to go out and that always want to entertain everyone. They have a cool head, which is a great quality that you have next to you if there is a brawl in a bar. When your two friends begin to fight, you can always count on the scale that will smooth the situation.


Give Scorpio bottle of tequila and watch how he relaxes. Scorpio rarely keep things to yourself, which can be both good and bad. However, they are people who will drink with you any given situation. The best part is when you tend to hide their emotions, so do not be iznandite if it kills and cry in the middle of the bar.


Be careful when you party with shooters, because they have a sharp tongue in nature. Alcohol and anger is not good to mix, so you better watch what you say around them. When you drink during the night, you will notice that their flirtation quickly manifested. You need a navigator or a partner to double date? Call Sagittarius.


Capricorns, or rather chameleons, are the perfect mates for a drink because they can adapt to whatever situation that they find themselves. These are your carefree friends who just want to have fun. They do not care who, what, when and where, they just want to know how.


Be careful when drinking with Aquarius because at one point everything can be going great at the bar, but the moment when frustrated, it will be sweet. People of this sign are quick – changeable personality, which makes going out and drinking with them experience in itself.


Fish show the most extreme emotions, which makes them very interesting. Be wary of its ‘mood swings’ because only one additional shot can really throw them out of balance it. When you try to go on a spontaneous drink, Fish should be on top of your list, because they are the types who would prefer to go natural course, but to cope with strong currents.