ZODIJAK capital’s date of birth reveals THAT PART OF BELGRADE best describes you

Maybe after discovering “your” part of the city decide even on the move!

Your qualities and how these overlap with the history and appearance of parts of the city that you are in the chart.

If you live in a part of town that you belong after the date of birth, then the bar, in the moments when you need a break through, head there and enjoy the recommended places.

VOŽDOVAC – March 21-April 20
From here it is Karađorđe led his rebels in battle and in 1806 the first time liberated Belgrade from the Turks. Just this makes you feel adventurous, impulsive and dynamic people. Your energy is strong, sometimes too strong to let you bid farewell to a person close to.

Take eternal battle and you are constantly active. Men are adventurous and enthusiastic, and women are independent and have a dominant competitive nature.


ZEMUN – 21. April – 21. maj
“I know of one city, next to the Belgrade” – this is your song. Although it may depend on someone (whether it’s parents or partner), you feel that you are a “city for yourself.” Safe and stable, you do not like anything unforeseen. Around you happen wars, but you do not allow you to relocate. You walk upright and proud. Sensual beings and you love to see Dorin, feel … Men are nervous and shy, a woman pleasant and appealing.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: A walk along the river with an obligatory stop-off at the fish soup.

DORĆOL – 21 May – 21. jun
Intersection four times, the oldest city core, part of Belgrade, which boasts the oldest house, the former Jewish mahala and a mosque whose “life story” very interesting (read more about it here). Just like Dorćol that is both Belgrade and the world, you are double persons. Quickly change your mind and you are full of “nervous” energy. Men are restless, unpredictable, fun and women, social and provocative.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Remote A bench with hot coffee “to go”.

DUŠANOVAC – 22 June – 22. jul
This pre-war suburb of Belgrade has always been the area of ​​the working class. You do not like to talk about his private life, but you are always there to listen to others. You are able to feel and what they want to hide from you. You feel the need to nurture and care for others. Whimsical nature and you easily change the feelings. Men hide behind excessive sensitivity firm stance, and women have a need to be respected and loved.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Take a walk to the picturesque DUŠANOVAČKI market and find something “for your soul.”

CENTER – 23. July – 23. August
This posh residential area is one of the most beautiful and most forested parts of the capital. The former “Dedinberg” swamped the lavish summer houses and villas of wealthy citizens of Belgrade. You are dominant and extroverted. You walk slowly, gracefully, but the attitude of giving everyone the knowledge that you rule. Positive you are strong-willed, independent and cunning. You lust for luxury and power, and you have unlimited sexual lust. Men are open and genuine and generous and faithful wife.

IDEAL PLACE TO REST: In the season tourist visits take the opportunity to visit the Royal complex “Beli Dvor”.

SENJAK – August 24 – 23. septembar
The resort rich embassies and diplomatic residences tends to like you, perfectionism. You tend to converting and starring in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Blind you to his faults and errors. It takes you a long time to reach emotional warmth. Men are practical and material, a shy woman and fall in love.


TERAZIJE – 24. septembar – 23. oktobar
The most famous part of Belgrade began to form in the first half of the 19th century. The former “moat artisans’ became the center of social life of Belgrade. You love people, but I do not tolerate large gužbe. Generally you are a good person, pleasant and you are very intelligent, but sometimes act naive. You like to argue. Men are impulsive and have expensive habits, and women are overly sensitive.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Evening spent in the park Terazijska terrace.

VRAČAR – Oct 24 – 22. novembar
The smallest and most densely populated municipalities of the Serbian capital. According to legend, it was named after sparrow fields which used to be a lot in this area. Understand perfectly to defend yourself even if you are a very sensitive person. You are contradictory: you are very religious, but also proud of their sexuality. You’re a real volcano, as far as passion. Men are hard-working and successful, a woman sensual and combat.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Čuburski park with Belgrade’s famed “readers”.

KONJARNIK – 23. novembar – 21. decembar
After World War II, there were Mongols who settled in the area Konjarnika horses graze. Stands out from the rest, sometimes physical appearance, sometimes ponašanjm. You love challenges, love the truth, without worrying whether it please someone or not. Do not accept the seriousness of life and become responsible only in mature age. Men are sarcastic and eccentric, a woman passionate and cheerful.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Make friends with someone who lives in the East gate and climb up to the top floor of the building.

BANOVO BRDO – December 22-January 20
Hill was named after Matthew Banu, Dubrovnik politician, is located near the center of town, but still – cozy and secluded, ready to defend himself from everything. Such you go, distrustful, independent and resourceful. Although a good and loyal friend, you are very careful. Men are physically passionate and patient, a woman romantic and dominant.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Take a walk around Ada.

NEW BELGRADE – January 21 to February 19
This growing metropolis began to be built three years after the Second World War. You are inventive, original and often you are considered rebels. Below unfeeling exterior lies a heart that is open to all friendly people. You are unconventional visionary and never judge others. Men are communicative and amorous, a woman of independent and unpredictable.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Walk the New Belgrade’s Usce work.

PALILULA – February 20 to March 20
Because it was located outside the city walls where there were no smoking, those who could not go without the pipes are Palilulu! Straight, marsh dark and swampy area full bar and lakes, reminiscent of your independence and creativity. However, you can easily fall into a pit of self-pity and so you need to surround yourself with friends who will strengthen. Men are romantic and sensitive, a woman enchanting and fascinating.

IDEAL PLACE FOR HOLIDAY: Coffee on the quay at Ada Huja.