ZODIJAK capital’s date of birth reveals where you are most similar LEGENDS OF BELGRADE!

The stars reveal that the legend of the Serbian capital resembles, but is up to you whether you will continue to go in their footsteps, making its Belgrade.

21.3. – 20.4. – Margita Stefanović, musician / Momo Kapor, author and painter

You are fiery speaker and your passion flames and overwhelmed. Fire you, fierce, not know how to control their emotions. Your will is strong, you are fanatics of truth. You fair, honorable, truthful, without thinking idealists who rushes into danger. You do not like anyone interfering in business. Distinguished and bold ambition and intellect. Women characterized by determination and aggressiveness of certain notes, and the men were full of life, open and brave.

21.4. – 20.5. – Oils Ivanjicki, painter / Vlada, musician

Your most important characteristic is melancholy. You are often reserved, but generous and tolerant. Cultivate an unusually deep feeling, you are faithful and consistent. You do not like intrigue and risk-taking of any kind. You tend to feeling rather than reasoning. Women are aware of their strengths and qualities, and men are proud, proud and long remember insults.

21.5. – 20.6. – Olga Karadjordjevic, Princess / Boba Stefanovic, singer

You’re impatient and full of turmoil. Although some say that you are a coward, you are only calculated chances and think carefully before any decision. You are lively, bright, savvy and distrustful. You’re very realistic. You did a good mood and very communicative. You do not like being alone, but you are happiest when you are traveling. Women win the beauty and kindness, and men are good interlocutors and are prone to art.

21.6. – 22.7. – Milunka Savić, Serbian heroine of the Balkan wars / Paul Vuisić, actor

You are very intuitive and your memory is amazing. Turn you to tradition and the past, many are a patriot. Your feelings are quiet and deep, often stronger than the will. You seem phlegmatic, and inside forests. Verni you comrades, respect authority and you love to defusing the situation. Women are brave, idealistic and characterized by vivid imagination, and men are independent and carry them feelings.

23.7. – 22.8. – Mira Stupica, actress / Gaga Dragan Nikolić, actor

You are able, have a strong impact on people and calls you to rule. Your logic is above feelings, you are men of will and order. Stable you, open, clean and fair. Often overestimate yourself, but stick to the principle. Women are fiery, dominant and successful, and men should, open and bright, radiating from them the dignity and nobility.

23.8. – 22.9. – Sonja Savic, actress / Bogdan Tirnanić, journalist

You need a lot of time and experience to stabilize because you are extremely withdrawn. Remain silent and suffer, quiet and slightly melancholic. You are suspicious and skeptical, and cold reasoning, a little nervously. You are careful, precise and meticulous, like literature and refinement. Fight with a lack of confidence. Women are spirited, romantic and often live in solitude, and men prey eloquence and external appearance, but they are shy.

23.9. – 10.22. – Jelena Genčić, athlete / Branislav Nusic, writer

You are not focused, you dominate the feelings and easily excited. Your intellect refers to the beauty and aesthetics. You are subject to subjectivity, you fiery and righteous. You like to criticize but not like discord and strife. Women are gentle, inscrutable and somewhat lonely and noble men, perfectly trained and prone to exaggerated stories.

23:10. – 11.22. – Milena Pavlović Barili, painter / Dusan Prelevic, musician

You are very dramatic. You have huge reserves of power and, when somebody thinks that you will not give up, you keep fighting. Your intellect is versatile. Outside act as phlegm, but you actually kolerik. You are sarcastic, vindictive and arrogant. You do not like the aristocracy and lethargy. Women are strong, charming and passionate and attractive men, invincible and durable.

23:11. – 12.21. – Ružica Sokić, actress / Michael Misa Blam, musician

Powerful and you are careful. Your feelings are humane, but the first place you have morals and ethics. Going to safety, and are planning overlooked, brave, but avid. Know how to control yourself, so your arousal and mute moderate. You are ready to cooperate, you prefer to be a patron. You are free, peaceful and serene. Women are precious and loyal, a hungry men of culture and turn to the future.

22.12. – 19.1. – Elizabeth Načić first Serbian woman architect / Branko Copic, writer

You’re tough, constructive and wicked adversaries. You know how much you are strong and so very cold win, impress and impose itself. You like to build, you stone character and solid look. Cold, merciless and reserved, but when someone took off your weight reveals the faithful, mildly melancholic and nostalgic person. Women are catchy, upbeat and strong, and men practical, resourceful and energetic.

20.1. – 19.2. – Zanka Stokic, actress / Duke Radomir Putnik

You are capricious, irritable and sometimes unexpectedly quiet. You have no mercy for those who insult or injury. You are human and sophisticated, often brilliant, always original. You are creative and compassionate. If you like theater, society and style, not like usurpation of rights, inequality and snobbery. Women are bright, fiery and eloquent and pleasing men, revolutionary and progressive.

20.2 – 20.3. – Delfa Ivanić, founder of the Circle of Serbian Sisters / dr Milutin Ivkovic Milutinac, football player and doctor

Your will is subordinate feelings. You are shy, unassuming, quiet. You underestimate his intellect, but you might rule. You are compassionate, sensitive and melancholic. Understand that you may be slow, but you are so industrious. Women are vulnerable, sensitive and affectionate family, and men dreamers, generous and sosećajni.