ZODIJAK reveals: We know that you know how well to hide FEELINGS!

Are you on the face mask or speak out what is in your heart?

Hiding the feeling is not good. Suppression of emotion exercise extreme control over yourself can work for a while. However, when you finally overcome the feelings, they hit you with incredible strength.

The more you try to suppress emotions, they all more flooding. You have to understand that emotions are there for a purpose and you need to learn to draw lessons from them.

Astrology has long been trained how to zodiac signs to cope with their feelings.

It is known that the Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius too emotional and that his emotions even know how nor want to hide.

On the other hand, also emotional Libra, Pisces and Aries are doing their best to conceal feelings, but I can not long withstand.

As for the little rezervisanijih but also sensible Bull, Capricorn and Aquarius – they hide great emotions and only the closest know how they feel.

Hardest “nuts” in the zodiac of Scorpio, Virgo and Gemini. They are true professionals when it comes to masking emotions. No one will know how they really feel.